Seed Information


Regular seeds have a male to female ratio of about 50%. Once the plant shows sign of sex, the males are usually removed so that your cannabis flowers have no seeds and higher levels of cannabinoids.


Feminized seeds will produce mostly female plants, but is not 100% and may not produce as high of a yield as "regular" seeds. Plant sex still needs to be checked.


Auto-flowering seeds will automatically start to flower, usually finish fast but have some of the lowest yields.


Indica strains tend to be shorter and bushier then Sativa strains. They are usually used later in the day as they tend to make people tired.  Some of the things Indicas can be used for is anxiety, pain management and sleeping disorders.


Sativa strains tend to grow taller then Indica strains.  They can grow to heights higher then 20 feet.  Sativas tend to be used during they day because can increase alertness and creativity.  Some of the things that Sativas can be used for is ADHD, anxiety, pain management, and fatigue.


Hybrid strains have a mix of Indica, Sativa and sometimes Ruderalis.  Seeds can be more dominate in one species or the other and offer a balance of the attributes between them.

More Seed Information

More information on obtaining seeds will be provided when all the wrinkles are ironed out on legalization.