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Serving Kingston & Surrounding Areas

Natural Farming and Gardening

We provide Natural Farming and Gardening services including soil testing, beneficial indigenous microbes, natural fertilizer and amendments.

Certified Cannabis Consultant

Certified Master Grower and Cannabis Consultant.  Helping people understand the benefits of the medicinal abilities of the cannabis plant.

Measure of Success

Our success will be built on trust, good information and hard work.  We are not satisfied unless you are 100%. You can rest knowing that we will always respect your privacy and never disclose any personal information.

Ucanna Garden


We would love to help you save money and make the most out of your medical garden.  We can also help with vegetable gardens, fruit trees and introduce you to natural farming.

Ucanna Kitchen


We will show you the many ways cannabis can be used in the kitchen. Together we will create a number of healthy products that you could enjoy everyday.

Ucanna Care


Did you know that Cannabis applied topically is great for localize relief of many skin ailments, muscle pain and joint pain? This method works without giving you the "high" feeling. We will work with you to help you create care products that will meet your individual needs. Pets can also benefit from cannabis.